Monday, November 16, 2009

Forgotten view

The end of another day drew to a close, and what a glorious day it had been. Sun shining, a gentle breeze in the air and no pressing engagements to attend, finally, time available to spend at home and potter around in the yard, which was beginning to resemble the bush, wild and unkept. Hubby worked like a trojan all day, cutting, sawing, gathering, disposing, transforming our backyard. You see, we once had a beautiful view from our back deck, but over time it had become obscurred. The trees had gotten out of control and overgrown and to be honest we hadn't noticed that our view had slowly disappeared, we'd gotten distracted, relaxing and drinking in what we had been blessed with had become a thing of the past.
We've had some spectacular storms pass through lately, thunder, lightening, rain and wind, strong flora pruning wind, branches had been broken off many of the trees and there it had emerged, a glimpse of what we had been missing, a catylst inspiring further more brutal but necessary pruning. Words had been spoken as to which and how severely some of my more favourite view inhibitors were to be attacked but in the end I was assured by my trusty gardener that they would grow to be much more healthy and flower more profusely. With the task now finished and a large pile of dead wood at the bottom of our yard out of the way, we sat soaking in the picture from our deck, the way now clear.
 I don't really know why we had allowed it to become so overgrown, laziness, life, distractions ?, But what I do know, is that regaining focuss and having a clear view ahead is refreshing and inspiring, opening the way to move forward no longer encumbered.
 Pruning, not always fun ,more often unpleasant hard work, has rewards. Abundant fruit, beautiful flowers and breathtaking views of the path ahead.

" I am the true vine, and my Father is the gardener. He cuts off every branch that doesn't produce fruit, and He prunes the branches that do bear fruit so they will produce even more." John 15:1-2 NLT  


  1. Loved this post! What a fantastic reminder that our vision spiritually can become slowly obstructed. You're so right--pruning is not easy nor fun, but in the end the garden of our hearts will thrive, and we will once again be able to see.

    Beautiful pictures! :)

  2. Just blog hopping today. Your blog is so beautiful. You're a gifted writer, that's for sure. It must be awesome to live in Australia!

  3. Oh Lee. {savoring sigh} I am speachless. Is that possible? {don't tell scott} Do more.

  4. Yet pruning hurts sometimes, doesn't it? Sometimes I forget what kind of tree I am destined to become. I start settling in as a bush and spread out. Then the gardener comes and prunes me. He reminds me I'm supposed to be a poplar.

  5. Amazing! What an amazing view. Funny, I just learned this lesson myself!

  6. Mmmm...gorgeous! I could just plop down with you to enjoy that view!

    ...glad I found ya while blog hopping!! I have 5 kiddos...3 of them being teenaged girls, so when I saw your bio I had to smile to myself. (altho I do admit to looking at your pic and thinking there is no WAY you are old enough for all that!!)