Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Lasting Love

by SistasInArms on Wednesday, July 27, 2011 at 5:16pm
As I was out walking today I passed by a lovely older couple, I'm guessing they were in their late 70's, early 80's strolling slowly along. My heart skipped a beat, a feeling of longing passed over me as I soaked in the picture of these strangers. Grey hair, slightly stooped in posture, each stride small and measured, but that's not what captured my heart..........Hands clasped tightly as these two lovers gazed into one anothers eyes, totally immersed in the moment, oblivious to me as I passed by. How blessed I was to have witnessed such a scene of devotion and deep love, it was just so obvious, I could feel it.
 Straight away my thoughts then wandered to my husband and I. Would we be so lucky as to grow old together, to still be passionately in love in our twilight years? Will he still be enamoured with me and I with him?
 I didn't ponder too long on this thought.........I already knew the answer........yes.
 Love would never be in doubt, it's the growing old bit that we have no control over. My heart tells me we"ll grow old gracefully together, but what if ? Again my heart skipped a beat........." I have loved ( and will love ) you with an everlasting love ".
 A peace settled softly over me as I continued to walk and meditate upon that promise. I will always be loved, no matter where my life's journey takes me.
 How beautiful that my God wants me to know this, and He wants you to know this too, precious Sistas. This promise is for each and every one of His daughters. Reach out, grasp hold, and take these words, store them in your heart, draw on them in times of pain and trial that they may bring you comfort and peace.
  You are loved with an everlasting love

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

BOOK CHAT"- Literary Interlude

by SistasInArms on Wednesday, July 6, 2011 at 5:12pm
Have got to share this one. THE BEST book I've read to date on child rearing.
A Guide To Successfully Parenting A Defiant
Teen Without Giving Up Or Giving In

This is a must read, for all parents, even if you are not blessed with defiant kids. I've read a mountain of books on child rearing and discipline, often stopping half way through in discouragement. Jimmy Myers gives practical advice on handling situations with teens that most, if not all of us will encounter to some degree. It's real, it's raw, and it's honest.
Often we start out reading expecting to find answers and formulas to our problems, which, lets be honest, we see as our children's behaviour, well you are in for a big surprise, and you may already know this deep down. It's more about us than them, the way we handle and react to behaviours that disappoint us. There's no airy fairy advice in this book, it's solid and straight to the point with plenty of example case studies from Jimmys' years of working with kids and their parents.
 I recommend you read this one, it's easy to read, you won't be disappointed.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

I Miss You Nana

I Miss You Nana

by SistasInArms on Friday, July 15, 2011 at 10:46am
It's been 3 years since the closing of my Nanas chapter. This morning, as I sorted through some things I found a poem she had written for me when I was just 15. She always knew where my heart was, always had words of wisdom to share at just the right time.
                    "JUST FIFTEEN"
Wondering and dreaming
Where am I going?
Wanting to say but not really knowing
Yesterday so sure-everything right
Now it's today-where is the light?
Yesterday gone-gone out of sight
Not yet a woman-no longer a child
Feelings inside me bewildered and wild
Am I loved, do I care
Should I trust that they are there?
Yes I must-they are there!
Those who love me and advise
Yet I wonder-are they wise?
I am me, they are not!
Can they know how things can be-
It's my life, can't I be free?
Why can't they see-why can't they see?
And yet I know at just fifteen-
I have not been, I have not seen
God given life ahead of me-
Why can't I see-why can't I see?
If I should pause for just a while
Will God look down with a gentle smile
Upon His loved bewildered child-
Take my hand and day by day
Hold it tight and show the way-
That along lifes road, He will always be
If I let Him walk with me.

 I miss her beautiful hugs, her loving smile, her gentle voice, the delight in her face when I visited, the way she found beauty in the simple things, her laugh, her wisdom and most of all her love.
   Till we meet again, Nana
                                        Your Grandaughter, Leeanne

Sunday, July 10, 2011


" There is such incredible power to open and close the hearts of those  you encounter just by deliberately choosing to connect. " -Lisa Bevere

To connect or to make a connection, 1. to link together 2. to associate mentally 3. to constitute a link between, 2. a relationship or association 4. somebody connected to one by friendship.

How are you at making connections? Do you look for opportunities to connect,or do you shy away from connecting with others ? Do you maintain the connections you have made or do you seem to be accumulating a lot of loose connections that function temporarily ?
 Some of us are afraid to connect with others due to past disappointments and hurt, others are great at making the initial connection but fall short in the maintenance department and some are just too busy. I think we can all put our hand up to at least one of these. So where does that leave us? Well, I guess we can either choose to use these as excuses as to why we have failed connections or..... look at ourselves openly and honestly examining where we may have fallen short in the nurture of our friendships.
 Friendships are a part of our life that need to be intentionally fostered, not always with large lashings of time, because that's something we can all be in short supply of, but simple things, a text message, a note in the mail,a phone call, even 1/2 hour for a quick coffee.
Friendships are not seasonal unless you choose them to be. We've all experienced and probably been guilty of "we'll have to get together","catch up for a coffee soon" e.t.c and months go by. With the pace of life accelerating Sistas are falling through the cracks, out of site, out of mind. When was the last time the thought of someone you hadn't seen for ages popped into your head and more importantly...did you act upon it ?
 "Friendships are vital. They can be an avenue of hope when there is noneThey can be a place of inspiration when you are depleted of all energy. They can provide laughter just when you need a smile, and a prayer when you need a miracle. C'mon, girls. We need each other. Let's get good at building friendships !! " Holly Wagnersums it up quite nicely.
  I'm choosing to open the hearts of those I encounter, fix up the loose connections and endeavoring to plug up the cracks ! Want to join me ??

Wednesday, July 6, 2011


TRUE BEAUTY........What lies are our girls being fed ?
by Leeanne Reeves
What is REAL beauty ? Who defines REAL beauty ? Where are our girls sourcing their perception of REAL beauty? Are they being misled by what society the media and those in positions of influence portray as REAL?
 As a mum of 4 teenage girls I am more than aware of the pressures and influences our girls are bombarded with on a daily basis. I see and experience the doubt and stress, the wounding of self esteem, the questioning of their worth all tied to the way they look. Am I wearing the right clothes ? Does my hair look ok ? Do I have pimples ? My eyes are the wrong colour ! Am I thin enough ? I'm too fat ! The list is unbelievable and what's worse is that the validation of these perceived flaws is given by their peers, friends who struggle daily with the same issues. In a desperate attempt to feel good about themselves they are resorting to pointing out one anothers flaws.
 Eating disorders, anorexia and bulimia are on the rise and the girls ( and boys ) suffering are getting younger. What does this say about our society and what we deem as important ? Our children, like never before are exposed from an alarmingly young age through all forms of media and advertising, to an unrealistic standard of beauty, visual beauty. Our girls are sexualized from an alarmingly young age, just take a look at the underwear section at the shops for what they call "tweens", a burgeoning market priming our girls to think "sexy". What was once seen as inappropriate to screen at certain times on television no longer seems to be an issue, everywhere you look our kids are being inundated with lies and fantasy. They are being fed an unrealistic view of what beauty really is. They expect the FANTASY and are chasing after it.
 What can we do to combat the negative influences our kids are exposed to ? We can't lock them away from the world, it's impossible to shelter them from everything undesirable and they need to learn to make positive and healthy choices on their own.
 A healthy self esteem stems from knowing who you are, being comfortable in your own skin and understanding the meaning of TRUE beauty. Some are blessed with a visual beauty and that's ok but we can all be RADIANT- vividly bright and shining expressing love, happiness and health. I believe this is the essence of TRUE beauty, lasting and genuine, evident in old age when time has altered our visual appearance.
 As parents all we can really endeavor to do is to instill an understanding of what RADIANT BEAUTY is in our children every day. To positively reinforce attributes other than physical appearance and point them to the One who created them perfectly and wondrously.
 We can also have a voice collectively by speaking out against the negative influences where and whenever we are presented with the opportunity to do so. It takes courage to be bold........But what is at stake? I'd say its worth the effort !