Monday, September 7, 2009

Spring is in the Air

Spring is in the air and when i get a wiff of that beautiful warm weather, I go into cleaning mode, spring cleaning. Tick "yes" for windows, inside and out, screens washed and re-attached, mind you scaling a ladder was required, a little dodgy at times, but at least we are now able to view the outside world without thinking it's a little hazy.
Todays task....The linen cupboard! Talk about biting off more than you can chew, turned into an all day job after having to unfold every sheet to identify its species, single...,double...or queen? Why do I have soooo many sets of sheets? Probably because I've inherited all of my mums hand offs, and, being the horder that I am, just knew that I would use them at some point. It dosen't hurt to have spares, you know for camping or drop sheets for painting, extras.....just in case! Lets not forget the towels, the good towels, bath and beach...,the general towel population...and the old towels used for the grubby stuff like dog washing, wiping dirty feet and mopping up spillages. Tea towels...hand towels...washers...tablecloths and how did I aquire the abundance of pillowcases? I'll blame mum. It dosen't end there, doonas and covers...blankets again in all species and a couple of extra pillows.....No wonder the doors were difficult to shut!
You'll be glad to hear that a major culling took place, my linen cupboard is now rid of all the old tired worn out stuff I'd been hanging onto, there is actually now space unclaimed, no doubt waiting to be filled, but the job is done for now.....until next time.
Why do we hang onto all that old stuff that clutters up and makes life difficult, leaving little or no room for growth and new things? Putting off discarding the old often appears to be easier than sorting through all the junk we hoard away, but how good does it feel after a clean out and everything is in order?....A sense of achievement, relief and the overwhelming feeling of a fresh start, a new chapter. No doubt there will be the need for many such cullings along lifes journey, but that's just it!We cannot take everything with us, there's not enough room, some things need to be discarded and in wisdom we move forward. Wisdom is should be our travelling companion, she helps us determine which baggage is worth keeping, discerning the good stuff, turning old into new, making room for what really matters.
Let wisdom be your guide, get stuck into that spring cleaning, de-clutter and free up some space, turf out the old and make way for the new.......His's wrth the effort.


  1. I was confused at first about the Spring post because Fall is on its way here. But, then I realized that you are on the other side of the world. So nice to meet you.

  2. Ah yes. Spring cleaning awaits me as the school holidays approach. My linen cupboard is actually one of the few organised places in my house as my husband once announced that he could find nothing in there and as a result I placed labels on every shelf. I'm not kidding. He has no excuse now for not finding the thing he needs :-D But you are so right about holding on to things. There always some things that you will never let go but so much of the material world just bogs us down. Here's to spring and some time to do the cleaning :-)
    Came to you through Sande. Welcome to the blogosphere!!