Sunday, July 10, 2011


" There is such incredible power to open and close the hearts of those  you encounter just by deliberately choosing to connect. " -Lisa Bevere

To connect or to make a connection, 1. to link together 2. to associate mentally 3. to constitute a link between, 2. a relationship or association 4. somebody connected to one by friendship.

How are you at making connections? Do you look for opportunities to connect,or do you shy away from connecting with others ? Do you maintain the connections you have made or do you seem to be accumulating a lot of loose connections that function temporarily ?
 Some of us are afraid to connect with others due to past disappointments and hurt, others are great at making the initial connection but fall short in the maintenance department and some are just too busy. I think we can all put our hand up to at least one of these. So where does that leave us? Well, I guess we can either choose to use these as excuses as to why we have failed connections or..... look at ourselves openly and honestly examining where we may have fallen short in the nurture of our friendships.
 Friendships are a part of our life that need to be intentionally fostered, not always with large lashings of time, because that's something we can all be in short supply of, but simple things, a text message, a note in the mail,a phone call, even 1/2 hour for a quick coffee.
Friendships are not seasonal unless you choose them to be. We've all experienced and probably been guilty of "we'll have to get together","catch up for a coffee soon" e.t.c and months go by. With the pace of life accelerating Sistas are falling through the cracks, out of site, out of mind. When was the last time the thought of someone you hadn't seen for ages popped into your head and more importantly...did you act upon it ?
 "Friendships are vital. They can be an avenue of hope when there is noneThey can be a place of inspiration when you are depleted of all energy. They can provide laughter just when you need a smile, and a prayer when you need a miracle. C'mon, girls. We need each other. Let's get good at building friendships !! " Holly Wagnersums it up quite nicely.
  I'm choosing to open the hearts of those I encounter, fix up the loose connections and endeavoring to plug up the cracks ! Want to join me ??

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