Monday, October 8, 2012

Live Light in 25 Words- Day 2

ARE YOU SUNDAY SUPERFICIAL ? Matthew 14:13-21 Loaves and Fishes Q. Have you stopped today to ponder Jesus' power in your life? Reading the story of Jesus feeding the five thousand today, I realised something I had not really ever thought about before. I have read this story many times but always related to it more along the lines of " feeding the hungry, supernaturally", spiritually and physically. Today however I saw Jesus as grief stricken at the violent loss of His cousin, John. He needed to get away and be alone to deal with Johns death, He needed a human moment, yet in His mourning He was moved by the thousands seeking Him. He put His own needs aside, compassion overwhelmed Him, He fed them, fed their physical need and their spiritual need. How does this relate to the question of Jesus' power in my life? Do I rely on Him, trust in Him, lean on Him, draw on His strength in times of duress and trouble. Am I able to function and put aside the stresses of my own life and be compassionate to others, my friends, my family? This is Jesus power out working in my daily life, to rise above my circumstance, and be His hands and feet. Lxx

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