Saturday, October 27, 2012

Live Light in 25 Words- Day 26. " Walk the Walk "

" Anyone who claims to be intimate with God, ought to live the same kind of life Jesus lived " 1John 2:6 The Message Q. How important is it that Christians seek to live like Jesus did ? Anyone can claim to be or do something......" I'm a vegetarian...and then you see them out eating a big juicy steak......." I'm on a diet...... And they consume a big piece of ask a person what they do and they give you a big impressive story which you later discover to be a stretch of the truth!  There are so many examples, of varying degrees, as to how people say one thing and do another. But how does it make you feel when you see the hypocrisy ? Usually you may then have a lower opinion of that person. Jesus lived an life of integrity, He practiced what He preached. He lived what He asked us to live. He didn't ask us to pray and then not pray himself, He didn't tell us to love one another and then turn His back on those around Him, He didn't tell us to love the Father and then not have an relationship with him, himself. We have the perfect example to look to in Jesus.  I believe as Christians we have an huge responsibility. Many will look to us to find a glimpse of Jesus, what will they see? In observing us will they want to know more about Him. It's not about us being perfect, people just want to see honesty and integrity. It's no good us just talking the talk.......we have to walk the WALK. Lxx

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