Monday, October 8, 2012

Live Light in 25 Words- Day 7

MY ALL " Let all that I am praise The Lord; may I never forget the good things that He does for me. He forgives all my sins and heals all my diseases."  Psalm 103:2-3 It's easy as time goes by and troubles come our way, or in simply living life to forget the good things that God does for us. It seems to be a part of our human condition to be drawn to and focus on what's not going right or what we don't have. MAY I NEVER FORGET, when we are reminded of the good stuff, no matter how small, we are drawn towards Him. I purchased a prayer journal just the other day to record my prayer requests and more importantly, the many ways He has blessed me. It's good to have a reminder, especially if you are a little forgetful like me :) LET ALL THAT I AM PRAISE. All that I am, what does that really mean? all-2 to a supreme degree. supreme-2 greatest, strongest or most important The greatest, strongest and most important part of me, all the fibres of my being are to praise Him. I know that feeling it comes from deep within, often an unexplainable innate desire to worship, it's how we were created. But all too often we try to stifle it for whatever reason. Sometimes it's fear, fear of what may happen if we let go and let God or fear of what others may think. Today's question was " what will you praise God for today?" Actually there are a lot of things, answer to prayer, life changes, there is so much happening at the moment to be thankful for. But today, I praise Him for teaching me to bring Him my All. Lxx

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